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Miracle Money!

Praise Report!!!!! I was one of them Having faith to sow a financial seed of $300.00 into the into the Kingdom of God on Sunday and Harvesting $1,000.00 on Tuesday.
The 1st.......
Thanks be to God, our Jehovah Jireh.


Min. Bim - California

I am so excited for my sister Ivory Andrews; I been Praising God. Our Bishop George L. White Sr., Prayed for her about l year ago. Bishop said something is going to change with your employment. She left her phone on the bus the other day, I took her to get it today. She listened to her voice mail. This lady left a message for an interview. So she called and the lady said come before one. While I was waiting, I said Lord you said no more losses. You said this is our year. She texted me and said it's a lot of people. I said doesn't matter what God has for you it's for you. So she got hired at Dessert Springs hospital making $ 19.50hr 3 days on, 4 days off, with free health insurance for the whole family.  She's a certified nurse’s assistant. When a man or woman of God speaks into your life, you better hold on to your prophesy. It may not happen right away, but he's always on time.


Sabrina - Las Vegas, Nevada

I received a S3K financial miracle yesterday! On Sunday Bishop George White PREACHED a prophetic Word and the PRESENCE of God was in the house! Physical healing took place. At the conclusion of service, he asked 12 people to sow S300, which I did. On Monday, I was making preparation to make a final payment on my tuition bill for S3K and when I logged into my account, there was no longer a balance due. INSTEAD I have a CREDIT of over S3K...so really received a S6K blessing!


Dana - Pomona, California

Church of Acts in Lexington, KY

Bishop White came to my church as part of a 3 day healing revival. This man of God was so powerful, as the Holy Ghost used him to preach, heal, and deliver many people. It was amazing seeing me brothers and sisters in Christ get freed from pains, and delivered from hurts. I was in complete awe !

I had a soreness and strain in my lower back, due to rigorous workouts, and when he asked people to come to the alter (that needed a healing) I thought why not. Don't get me wrong, I am a believer; however, there is nothing like experiencing it yourself. I went to the alter, he prayed over me, and I felt an immediate relief of the pain. I was astonished ! And when I went to touch my lower back, there was a heat/fire that hovered over the previously inflamed area.

All I can say is GOD is GREAT !!! And I know HIM as my healer. Bless the man of God for allowing the Holy Spirit to use him.


C. Robinson - Lexington, Kentucky
Church of Acts

In 2011 Bishop White came to our church at Ebnezer church of God Christ. Bishop White was having a service for healing. I had Plantar Fasciitis in my feet. I remember going up for prayer, and Bishop White asked me what do I want the Lord to heal me of and I told him I had Plantar Fasciitis. Not long after receiving prayer that night, my feet felt normal. I did not need to see the doctor for it anymore. I thank God for a healing miracle. May God continue to bless this ministry.


Alvin - Las Vegas, Nevada

This Check Was totally Unexpected

Bishop White ministered at His Image Min. At the conclusion of the service he began to minister & give testimonies about miracle money,after that he said The Lord is speaking to someone to sow a $300 dollar seed,I always want to be sensitive to God's Voice, and I did not have the money to spear it was part or our rent we were terribly short and rent was do in seven days,I stepped out and wrote a check for $300,I knew God was faithful and I did not have anything to loose because I was already short on rent,and I gave trusting God to hasten my raise at work. I gave the seed on February 26th,on March 4th I was on my way home praying seeking God for direction with anticipation all week I knew God had a Blessing for me. I did not hear a word back from work no new projects had come to our business , However ,when I stepped in the door I saw a piece of paper on the table I opened it and to my extreme excitement I saw a reimbursement check of $1,033.22, I immediately  began praising God and giving my testimony. I had pondered all week what God would do, and he reconfirmed that he is in the miracle business still! (This check was for a an over payment totally unexpected and it came the night before my rent was due,Praise God!


Nancy - Tracy, California

I Believe I'm Healed

I attended a Miracle Healing & Deliverance Crusade and received prayer for breast cancer and I had a lump In one of my breast ,Bishop White ask one of the female ministers to go with me in the restroom to see if anything had changed ,everything was the same, but two days latter the lump had disappeared and I told the minister what had happen,she went back to the restroom to check me out ,and the minister could not find or see the lump that she had felt and seen two nights before in the miracle service "I believe I'm healed"




Was unable to have children ,Bishop White prayed for me,and I've been blessed with 3 children,kids!!!


Janeice - California

The doctor said "It Was A Miracle"

I had cancer in my left breast & two mini strokes I.I.A. Bishop George L. White sr. Called me out and ministered a word of healing to me and I have been in remission for over 2years,the doctor said"IT WAS A Miracle"


Dana - California


**Praise Report** Last night I was at home and all of a sudden, I felt this pain in my stomach. It felt like somebody was stabbing me from the inside. Then I started to pray. I got some blessing oil from Bishop George L. White Sr. Miracle and healing and deliverance service and rubbed the oil on the area where the pain was at and the pain left my body. God is great and worthy to be praise. These signs shall follow them the believe! ALL GLORY GOES TO JESUS!!!

Minister Antonio

Miracles Happen! Real Testimonials from Real People!

Receive unexpected money in the bank after sowing a $100 battle seed.
Miracle release of college funds after sowing a obedient $125 seed!
Raised from sick bed after the doctors gave up on patient!
Healed from 17 years of rheumatoid arthritis.
Healed 6 year jaw and neck injury!
Healed from full body boils!
$26,000 Financial Miracle!!
Healed of Gull Stones!
Healed from cancer!
Healed from Lupus!